Cafe Sabarsky

Old school European in the Neue gallery. You feel transported to Vienna or Prague in a very cool, quite elite kind-of way.


The best Italian-American restaurant with so much history and the nicest waiters and incredible fried zucchini and baked clams and perhaps the best fettuccini amatriciana we know (and we know amatriciana).

Lady M

The chicest bakery in town, it looks like a jewelry store. Don’t miss a slice of their famous Mille Crêpes cake.


We are suckers for New York coffee shops and this one is pretty ideal. Have half a cantaloupe with cottage cheese, a bowl of soup or a chopped salad.

Via Quadrano

The greatest cappucino in the neighborhood.


Danny Meyer’s take on a cafeteria in the Whitney Museum. Except this cafeteria serves Stumptown coffee, pies from Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Orwasher’s bread.

J.G. Melon’s

It’s been here forever and hasn’t changed and is one of the greatest cheeseburgers and the crowd is a mix of old money and young preppy and the cottage fries are crispy and great and it’s just classic.


You can only get one thing here: all-you can eat steak-frites in a “secret” sauce. Yes please!

Kitchen Arts + Letters

The most amazing cookbook store in New York (actually Bonnie Slotnick’s on West 10th is great too!). Not a restaurant, but we had to mention it.


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