A tourist trap, yes, but for a good reason—it’s pretty perfect. Have martinis and oysters, split the steak frites, order extra bernaise. Champagne and profiteroles for dessert.


Just the greatest bar ever.

The Smile

A great place to go anytime of day. A simple menu and cozy quarters make it feel like going over to a cool friend’s place.

Landmark Coffee Shop and Pancake House

Because sometimes a nothing-special place is just what you need.


This too-trendy for its own good place from an ex-NOMA chef, serves fine food but its really the downstairs bar scene more than anything else that is the draw.

Il Buco Alimentari

New on the scene, the sister-restaurant to Il Buco received rave reviews from Pete Wells. The food lives up to the hype in many ways, with delicious small plates and pasta. During the day you can buy their home-cured prosciutto at the larder in the front.

Il Buco

Cluttered in a good way, Il Buco is warm and a little nutty and we love it, especially for the Cavolonero Salad, the mother and original of all kale caesar salads.

La Colombe

Amazing coffee.

Melvin’s Juice Box

When beloved Melvin left the juice counter at LifeThyme, all of Greenwich Village’s devoted smoothie-sippers had a collective sigh of sadness. But luckily his departure was for his own place! Next to Miss Lily’s, Melvin is juicing to his heart’s abandon and there might not be a nicer guy in town.


Our favorite Mario Batali restaurant, we never leave Lupa disappointed. We love the amatriciana and cacio e pepe. And a night sitting at the bar eating pasta and drinking a carrafina is a night well spent.

The Dutch

This SoHo hot spot, part of Andrew Carmellini’s expanding empire, opened in 2011 and has remained packed since. We love their French fries, delicious cornbread and homemade pies.

Osteria Morini

Michael White’s pasta-haven on Lafayette is good if you need a Balthazar alternative in Soho. Or a late-afternoon drink at the bar.


The best place to buy Spanish ingredients (including boquerones, potato chips fried in olive oil, crunchy Marcona almonds, piquillo peppers, great cheeses and jamón and rice from Valencia for paellas and olives and more), it’s also the best place to make a meal of authentic Spanish tapas or grab a delicious bocadillo to take with you.


A great, not overly-hyped Italian restaurant tucked onto Bleecker right off of Elizabeth Street. An affordable gem.


This is a health-food sanctuary. Both their 13th Street and SoHo locations serve fresh, macrobiotic-y meals. We love the bento box with broiled salmon or their Macro-plate.


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