Some of the BEST ramen in town (and we’ve had them all). Go at lunchtime when the line is a little less intense.


Be still our hearts. Our most beloved small, quirky, great, imperfectly perfect, slightly antique but totally hip restaurant with a sense of humor, personality and memorable food. The burger on the English muffin, the Ghost of Mary cocktail, the bone marrow and the simply unadorned fish and the steak and eggs in the morning and the Lower East Side breakfast platter and the hunk of chocolate that sits on top of your bill and the and the and the….

Ssam Bar

A lot of hype, but nothing is better than those pork buns. The roast duck meal is pretty epic too.

Casa Adela

On Avenue C, this might be roast chicken mecca. And so affordable!

Big Gay Ice Cream

Two words: salty pimp.


The perfect local Japanese spot for when you want something low-key, healthy but still yum. We love this place for mid-week catch up dinners when we don’t feel like yelling over the din of a packed restaurant.


DELICIOUS neighborhood sushi. The fish feels like it arrived from Japan minutes earlier. The “Amazing” sushi is must-eat.


This restaurant is doing it right. The immediate basket of toast with anchovy and radishes. Done and done. The eggs mayonnaise, so simple and so good, find us dipping our knives into whatever is left on the plate and licking it straight from the metal. The chicken and the fish with the mussel and leek broth with a thick piece of toast underneath and the bracing rouille—perfect. Don’t even get us started on the baba au rhum. Can’t wait for this place to be here forever.

Black Market

It’s all about the cheeseburger at this hip, cheap East Village resto/bar.

Goat Town

A new bistro that serves remarkably good food in a fun, bustling environment.

Rai Rai Ken

Hole in the wall that serves yummy, cheap ramen.


Veselka is a bit like medicine. It remedies whatever situation you’re in. Their chicken soup is as good as Julia’s Aunt Renee’s was and has cured many a sore throat. The cheeseburger has been there for us at two a.m. The pierogies and blintzes have warmed us when it’s cold, and the summertime borscht has cooled us off in July. We come for eggs in the morning alone and have eaten kielbasa and sauerkraut with too much Ukranian beer for dinner with large groups of friends, tables smashed together. Veselka, like a reliable, loving relative, takes such fine care of whoever comes inside. (NOTE: Julia may have gotten carried away writing this one…)


Hippy-dippy vegetarian-friendly food for when your digestive tract needs a little break. The dragon bowl is the fan-favorite here, make sure to get the cornbread with the miso-tahini spread as an app.

Zaab Elee

The East Village outpost from the famed Queens destination. Come for the cheap-as-shit but still delicious Thai food.


Sara Jenkins nails it here. Offering one thing and doing it perfectly, her porchetta transcends.

Edi and the Wolf

Nestled away on Avenue C, this Austrian-inspired restaurant serves a mean schnitzel and the flatbreads are good too. Wash it all down with a refreshing Gruner.


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