Pronounced ‘company,’ Jim Lahey’s pizza-centered restaurant is wonderful and simple and a great place to stop by if you’re gallery-hopping.

Tkixitko / El Quinto Pino

Alex Raij’s awesome spots with beautifully prepared mostly-Basque food. Don’t miss her hype-worthy uni sandwich at El Quinto Pino served on a crisp bread, adorned with spicy mustard oil, wrapped in parchment and so awesome.

The Doughnut Plant

Go here or to the original on Grand Street for the most decadent, delicious doughnuts in the world. The Créme Brûlee is h.e.a.v.e.n.

El Quijote

This campy restaurant attached to the Chelsea Street Hotel serves loosely interpreted Spanish food. And the bartender makes a mean dirty martini. The steak portions are enough to serve a small family — sharing is encouraged.

La Taza del Oro

This Puerto Rican place hasn’t changed in years and we hope it never does. Go for café con leche and eggs in the morning or hearty plates of roast chicken, rice and beans and avocado salad later in the day.


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